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How to get sponsored as a Surfer/Skateboarder - Best article on STAB

Wondering how to get sponsored in skateboarding or surfing? Here are some thoughts and resources to help you navigate the world of sponsorship and a career in skateboarding or surfing. Thanks to some great articles from STAB magazine and the AVNI interviews with Mikey Taylor and Eric Bork. Enjoy

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Pro Tip - How to Skate Like Zion Wright with The Nine Club Podcast

Zion recently had an interview with The Nine Club to tie in nicely with his new Nike SB edit ‘Jupiter Rising’ (have a watch’s insane) and with that, the stars aligned to bring us some amazing content. So with all this new content coming from Zion, what can we learn?

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How to build an Olympic Skatepark - What does the Australian Olympic Skateboarding Team need?

With the X-Games just finished down in Sydney, It’s got me all excited for the Olympics. The level of skateboarding and the entertainment the X-Games brings is undeniable.

Here’s a look into the Olympic level skate training facilities currently popping up around the world. Which park would you most want to skate?

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Skateboard Trick Roadmap - The best skateboarding tricks for beginners to learn

The meandering life of a grommet is fun, but sometimes it helps to know what the next few steps are when learning a new skill, to see a roadmap for what’s ahead. So to help you all learning to skate, I’ve started creating a skateboarding roadmap. It outlines some of the basic skills and then puts some core tricks to learn as different levels. I’ve also decided to split it up into Street and Transition tricks.

If you’re learning to skate, take a look below and think about where you are on the diagram. What is the next step is for you? If you need a hand, just drop us an email to and we can help.

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