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At Skate More Surf More, we use a number of tools to improve your learning experience. Rather than just encouraging you to ‘go for it’ or ‘just commit’, we show you how to perform the trick, where you are currently going wrong, and how we can fix it. Video analysis will help you make quicker changes with a clearer understanding. No fluffy terms here, just clear, digestible concepts.

Post session follow ups give you all the information you need from the session to continue improving in-between lessons. Key goals, targets, techniques, and videos to reference will keep you focuses and motivated.


In Person Skate Coaching

Private Lessons 1-to-1


Private coaching at times that suit you. Working 1-to-1 so all the focus is on you and helping you feel safe, confident and reach your next goal. This can be perfect for the complete beginner, or the intermediate skater wanting closer advice on how to improve. Sessions usually run for 1-1.5 hours.

$65 including equipment, video analysis and post session content.

Group Lessons 2 - 3 People

Group lessons are available which are ideal for those looking to learn with a friend or add a social element to their skateboarding. Groups are kept small to ensure the highest level of coaching for each person.
Sessions usually run for 1.5 hours.

$40 including equipment, and post session content.

Get on Board! 3 Lesson Pass Pack

Get a kickstart with a 3 lesson private 1-1 coaching pack

$150 including equipment, video analysis and post session content.

Refer a Friend & Save Forever!

Refer a friend and when they book 3 lessons or a 3 lesson start pack you will qualify to receive a $5 discount forever!

This offer can be claimed up to twice, meaning if you refer 2 people, you could save $10 off the standard price lessons for life!

Get Referring Now!

Online Skate Coaching

Not located in Northern NSW or the Gold Coast? No stress. We can also work with people via online training. All you need to get started is a phone that records video, an internet connection, and a skateboard. Purchase a ‘remote sessions package' for AUD $75 which includes analysis for 2 videos via email concluding video markups, diagrams, videos and explanations along with homework tasks to work on. Then 2 email responses within that if you have any extra questions. So that's 4 information emails and 2 video analysis for a short video you send through.

Want to start improving your skating? Purchase a Remote Coaching Package today and begin your journey to better skating.

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About the coach

Pete Adams is an ASF (Australian Skateboard Federation)Qualified Level2 Skateboard Coach with over 19 years skateboarding experience. The ASF, is Australia’s national Skateboarding representative body and provide the highest level of coaching qualifications. Level 2 is currently the highest qualification available. Originally from England, he was a sponsored skateboarder for a number of companies including Enuff Skateboards, Osiris Shoes, King Apparel, Campus Skatepark and Skateboard Warehouse. At age 23 he moved to Australia and fell in love with surfing, and it was through this he got to know the potential for extreme sports coaching. With surf coaching providing such great benefits to people at all levels, he decided to take what he had learn’t in this area and apply it to skateboarding. Mixing his two passions to Skate more and Surf more.

Now based in Byron Bay, Australia he’s using all of this experience and passion to help teach other people how to skate and to skate better.

As a passionate surfer, he also offers help to surfers looking to improve their surfing through skateboarding.

How to skate - Lessons for Beginners

Skate lessons are focused on achieving personal goals whilst also working on fitness, injury prevention, co-ordination and life skills. Skateboarding can help improve joint strength, flexibility, mental health, perseverance and problem solving. Whether you’re looking to skate and perform at a high level, or just be able to cruise down the beachfront or to the shops on a skatey, coaching can help you reach your goal. Skate More Surf More is focused on encouraging adults to conquer their fears and learn new skills.

Lessons include safety equipment, a range of skateboards (standard performance skateboards and cruisers), stretches, video analysis and post session notes.


High Performance Academy for Advanced and Elite Skateboarders

Working with advanced athletes to learn new tricks whilst also working on a more holistic approach to skateboarding, ensuring longevity and high performance.


“I have forever had a fear and intense interest and love for skating. Until now I have never pursued it seriously and allowed myself to learn because I had a fear of hurting myself, falling, and failing at it. Pete has changed my view of skating completely and helped me see how easy it is to learn even the most basic tricks to get you enjoying a park. I could never imagine going to a skate park, let alone going to many different ones and actually being able to skate them all and enjoy it. 

Pete has given me a whole new level of stoke not just in skating, but in life. At 32 years of age I feel like a teenager again.”

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