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Trick of the Week - Week 1 - Front 5-0 switch Krook 180

Introducing a new series on called ‘Trick of the Week’

Every week, if not every time I go skate I try to learn a new trick. Now in most sports, this would be an insane goal. But in Skateboarding? It’s very doable, with some many millions of skateboard tricks and variations, it’s a fun way to constantly learn new tricks.

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How watching X-Games taught me to skate better - A lesson in comp lines

Watching X-Games is like imagining the best tricks you could ever do, then seeing someone string them all together in a 60 second line. It’s incredible. The consistency these skaters have is next level. It got me thinking, maybe I need to skate more like that. Not timing out 60 second lines full of bangers, but stringing together lines. Forming lines whilst at the skatepark, linking 5 tricks together rather than the usual 1-3.

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