Local News - Street Machine Byron Bay Mini Ramp Skate Comp

Bit late on the write up here but thought it would be good to share some more local news that’s been going on around Byron.

Back in October/November of last year a decent skate shop finally open-end up in Byron. Street Machine, a Melbourne born company who has a few stores down in Victoria made a move to the northern rivers with a huge store in Byron Town. When I saw it was opening I was stoked, and have been super impressed with the product they have been stocking.

They ran their first mini ramp jam over Christmas which I was unfortunately away for but it looked awesome, so when I saw the news of a second one happening I had to get myself there.

shred the bbq.png

Their second comp, ‘Shred The BBQ’ was a fun night of mini ramp skating, music and sausage sizzles. We got rained out for an hour or so midway through but everyone waited it out, then the staff worked to dry up the ramp as quick as possible and the shredding could resume. It was awesome to see a bunch of local skaters getting together at the back of a now local skate shop and skate the ramp.

I' get far too into the skating during these sorts of events to stop and take proper photos or videos, but here is an image of the skaters from the end of the evening, prizes and all. It was rad to meet some other local skaters and see them ripping.

Big thanks to Street Machine for putting this on and for all the companies who helped with prizes. Fingers crossed for more!

Street Maching Skaters.png