How to Switch Frontside 5050 Grind - Skateboard Block Basics Trick Tip

Start progressing your switch skating with the Frontside 5050 Grind

Skating switch is one of the many joys of skateboarding. Some tricks actually feel better switch than they will in your natural stance. So if you’ve been working on your switch skating, getting your switch ollies consistent, it might be time for you to take the next step.

Below is my tutorial for Switch Frontside fifty fifty grinds.

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Trick Breakdown

So for the switch  frontside 50-50 grind I’m breaking this trick into 3 key stages. The Set Up, Spot and Grind and The Lift n Land.


01. Set Up

When learning switch frontside 5050’s you’ll want to start off with quite a square set up, your shoulders facing the ledge, feet nice and solid – Create tension through the legs as you crouch ready to pop. I’ll approach the ledge at a slight angle, going slowly when first trying them


02. Spot and Grind

 As you ollie, look at the spot you are aiming for on the ledge & throw your shoulders up onto the block. Bring your legs up to clear the ledge and spot your landing area on the edge of the object. I like to look at the mental angle iron on the edge of the block.

Extend your legs to land, looking down at your board to keep your body weight centered and stable. Lock into the grind with both your trucks push right across the onto the ledge so most of your board is ontop and just your wheels on the heelside edge are off the edge. 
You will then be grinding along the ledge towards the end, keep your centered over the board.


03. Lift n Land

 As you reach the end of the block lightly push on the tail of your board, lifting the front truck slightly. This will help you do a small manual off the end of the ledge so your wheels can land at the same time on the floor. I find when learning switch I exaggerate this movement more than in my natural stance. You’ll also find a frontside 180 out feels quite natural and easy so that’s a nice addition for the trick!

The Secret:

Stay Squared up, I stay more parallel to the block in the switch frontside 5050 than I do in a regular one, It helps to feel solid for the trick.

Good luck and have fun.