1 Secret for how How To Backside Nosegrind Revert/180 Out Easy

The Secrets of Skateboarding - Backside Nosegrind Revert Trick Tip

Below is a tutorial for one of my favourite ledge tricks, the b/s nose grind revert. The short version. A little bonk 180 off the end of a block rather than the long balanced nose grind nollie 180 out.

I found there was 1 little secret to getting this trick really easily and consistently. Check it out below.

Enjoy, and Good Luck!

SkateMoreSurfMore Skateboard TrickTip Tutorial for a backside nosegrind backside 180 out, aka b/s nosegrind revert. In this video I share a secret to make learning this trick easy. It was crazy hot a humid on the day I was filming this so sorry for my lack of breath and panting!