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How to get sponsored as a Surfer/Skateboarder - Best article on STAB

Wondering how to get sponsored in skateboarding or surfing? Here are some thoughts and resources to help you navigate the world of sponsorship and a career in skateboarding or surfing. Thanks to some great articles from STAB magazine and the AVNI interviews with Mikey Taylor and Eric Bork. Enjoy

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Sport Psychology - Inside the mind of a champion

This TED Talk is presented by Professor Martin Hagger of Curtin University and talks about ‘Sport Psychology - Inside the Mind of A Champion’.

He touches on motivation, confidence, performance knowledge, routines and anxiety management. All areas which relate to optimal performance. It’s a short 12 minute talk which gives a great overview on the importance on psychology and how it can be the difference between winning and losing.

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How watching X-Games taught me to skate better - A lesson in comp lines

Watching X-Games is like imagining the best tricks you could ever do, then seeing someone string them all together in a 60 second line. It’s incredible. The consistency these skaters have is next level. It got me thinking, maybe I need to skate more like that. Not timing out 60 second lines full of bangers, but stringing together lines. Forming lines whilst at the skatepark, linking 5 tricks together rather than the usual 1-3.

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Interview with Adrian Fowler - Skate Performance, Recovery and Time in the Gym

I'd skate every day. I remember buying my first ever skate VHS - Globe Opinion. Chet Thomas in it mentions: "I'll skate 'till I cant walk". This instantly resonated with me.
I'd skate too and from school, I'd skate after school, on the weekends and any/ all other moments I'd have my board with me.

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5 Reasons to start skating aside from the pure joy

The best reason to start something is for the fun of it. Skateboarding is fun, and it’s also pointless. It probably won’t help you get a job, look impressive on your CV, secure you a home loan, or get you a promotion at work, and that’s exactly why it’s so fun. Skate for skateboardings sake. For it’s fun, pointless, joyful sake and feeling of freedom. If you do, you’ll find a heap of hidden benefits amongst it.

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