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How to get sponsored as a Surfer/Skateboarder - Best article on STAB

Wondering how to get sponsored in skateboarding or surfing? Here are some thoughts and resources to help you navigate the world of sponsorship and a career in skateboarding or surfing. Thanks to some great articles from STAB magazine and the AVNI interviews with Mikey Taylor and Eric Bork. Enjoy

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Interview with Adrian Fowler - Skate Performance, Recovery and Time in the Gym

I'd skate every day. I remember buying my first ever skate VHS - Globe Opinion. Chet Thomas in it mentions: "I'll skate 'till I cant walk". This instantly resonated with me.
I'd skate too and from school, I'd skate after school, on the weekends and any/ all other moments I'd have my board with me.

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